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Many of us would like to have an exotic cat with excellent cloth and powerful, graceful body. Cat, which creates the effect of the presence in the house of a beautiful spotted leopard. Yes, the color of wild Bengal cat captivates the heart.

People show interest in them, even if the price of these cats they can not afford. After all, cat attract attention. This contributes to their popularity - and they deserve it, their wild beauty of the competition.


Indifferently pass by the Bengal cat is simply impossible. And not only in its blindingly beautiful coat, she has a special constitution, the harmony of its shape makes it perfect.


The body of the Bengal cat is long, heavy, very muscular. Feet are strong, the rear a little longer than the front, which makes them excellent jumpers and gives the rapidity of their gait. The tail is long, thick, thinning to a rounded black tip. Relative to the body's head they are not too large. In profile, the slope of the visible light from the crown to the forehead and from forehead to nose, robust and wide. Ears are short, wide at the base and rounded. When viewed in profile, the ears are directed forward. And it is small, rounded at the ends, with a slight inclination forward ears correspond to appearance of a wild cat.


Wool from the Bengal cat is short. It is thick, very soft and shiny. When the cat basking in the sun (an occupation that she loves), it seems that the gold coins scattered on her body.


Drawing on her coat or spotted or marble. Stains on the coat should be evenly distributed throughout the body. The contrast between the outlets and main color should be sharp and clear. Bengal leopard coat is valued most, if spots form rosettes that are the hallmark of Bengal cats. Especially valuable if they form a large single two - tricolor leopard rosettes.


Bengal cat - a very affectionate, always in need of human society, like perch on his shoulders. In general, its behavior is no different in this sense, the behavior of domestic cats. She is very active and agile, she has an explosive temper. Need a love that type of cats to have a good feel in their company. For children Bengal cat is an excellent companion, as they get along well with other pets.

Also Bengal cat has a reputation for lovers of water treatments.

She is so fond of water, which can take a shower together with the owner. Kittens and mania to throw his toys in a container with water.

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